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In business, almost nothing is as powerful as having the right team in place.

In 2006, I was tasked with building a team of 36 embedded developers for an operating system enabling mobile network routing—in just three months’ time. That was a game-changing project for my organization—and obviously for my career, too. I had to succeed.

The experience introduced me to another aspect of our business: people’s hopes, ambitions, and characters, all that makes us interesting and unique.

Over the next 10 years in the IT industry, I recruited the “right team” over and over again—as a hands-on project manager, unit manager, COO, and managing director. After more than a thousand recruitment efforts, I’m still in love with that team, the original 36 people.

By 2016, I made recruitment and HR consulting my full-time focus by bringing it as a business line into Solnams, the tech consulting company that I founded in 2011.

Alex Beloglazovs

Meet the Team

This is about more than our company. It's about our people. People with a passion for helping others. People who are experts in their roles. People who learn from setbacks and celebrate successes. People who absolutely, 100% love what they do.


Alex Beloglazovs

Founder & CEO


Arina Kuzmina-Rezviha

Executive Assistant & Project Manager

Lena2 (2)

Elena Santhirasegaram

Search Consultant & Project Manager

Slava2 (2)

Vjačeslavs Gorins

Software Developer