Welcome to Solnams

Solnams is a professional recruitment agency based in Riga, Latvia. Our company's roots are in the IT sector,  and this makes us uniquely strong warrior in the local digital recruitment arena.

We provide an end-to-end recruitment service, from person specification and position description all the way through to 90-day review. We consider the cultural and personality fit between talent and business as important as skills and competencies.

In addition to years of experience in recruitment, we bring extensive experience in HR management to support our clients at the moments of need and to strengthen their teams and businesses.


Traditional Search

Our company is being run by  IT Executives who hired thousands of people in to their own teams. Now combined with superior support from our search squad we are here  to help Your business to grow stronger.

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Go Hybrid

Learn how to boost your hiring through making your best people to be best in recruitment as well!

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Lease Consultants

Scaling your teams being driven by  immediate demand might be real challenge for your company. We extended our services to freelance, interim and contract recruitment. This is a great way to give our clients more flexibility, access new skills and save money, leading to meaningful permanent hires and boosting team morale by providing extra support.

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